Tien Son Cave, Phong Nha Cave (4.5km) & National Park Tour

Dark Cave

With this exclusive tour participants will get to venture inside some of the most beautiful cave that our planet has to offer! Explore the Tien Son cave by foot, conquer the Phong Nha cave by boat, kayak and swimming and discover the Living Valley, Paradise Cave and Mooc Spring by foot.

Day One

Tour participants will be picked up at their hotels in the Phong Nha area between 08:00 and 09:00 AM, and then taken down to the boat station located at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center. A traditional Vietnamese dargon boat will take them down to the entrance of both the Phong Nha cave and the Tien Son cave, first off visitors will get the chance to discover the beautiful Tien Son cave by foot. However, to get there a steep set of stairs has to be climbed to get to the entrance of the cave (approximately 100 meters above Phong Nha cave entrance). Once the steps have been overcome it’s time to conquer the cave.
After embracing the beauty of the Tien Son cave it’s time to do the same with with Phong Nha Cave, however by different means! The Phong Nha cave, also known as the “The First Wonder” is famous for its subterranean rivier that flows through it for approximately 8 kilometres. Participants will discover the Phong Nha cave by boat, kayak, foot and swimming! This unique way of discovering the cave is a Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center exclusive and will account for a unforgettable experience. Another unique aspect of this cave is that there are ancient inscriptions and treasures hidden inside the chambers for example inside the By Ki chamber which is located 1.2 kilometres from the entrance. These inscriptions were put there by the Cham people who lived in the area approximately 1000 years ago.
After conquering the depths of the Phong Nha cave it’s time to head back to the village where lunch is served and to recharge energy that’s needed for the following day.

Day Two

After breakfast, just like the previous day participants will be picked up at the hotel Between 08:00 and 09:00 AM. After all the participants are picked up the tour van will drive on to the HCM-West Trail to reach the drop-off zone. From this point on visitors will have to hike and our tour guides will take them deep in to the primary forest to discover the Paradise Cave. This cave is one of the most beautiful caves inside the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, deep inside the cave visitors can embrace the beauty of it. After successfully discovering the paradise cave it’s time to head back through the living valley to reach the pick-up point. On the way to the Mooc Spring Eco-Trail (lunch will be served here) there will be a short stop at the 8 Ladies Cave. This is a memorial temple for 8 brave woman that sought shelter inside one of the caves during the war. Our tour guides will explain the entire story to the participants!
After a short drive the next stop is the Mooc Spring, a beautiful spring with a bamboo bridge that will take visitors over the springs to beautiful spots where they can swim, kayak, cross the adventurous bridge or simply relax and embrace the tranquillity of the Mooc Spring. After visiting Mooc Spring it’s time to end these two days full of excitement and joy and participants will be returned to their hotels.